Global warming is catching up / by Yessenia Funes

So we all hear about climate change and global warming. Some of us recycle. Others don't really care. Many people don't even believe it. However, Hurricane Sandy proves that it is real. Climate change is happening. Our earth is heating.

George Lakoff exemplifies this in his article "Hurricane Sandy: Global warming, pure and simple."While it is a smooth read, and I agree with everything he's saying, he has no sources throughout the article. I feel for topics as sensitive as climate change, a journalist needs sources. Especially expert sources who know what they're talking about. No offense to Lakoff, but the scientific community won't take him seriously. He is only a journalist. And while his words are powerful, the words of an expert would be a strong foundation for his words.

I like the way he writes, however. Particularly how he describes systemic causation v. direct causation. The analogies he uses are effective. He just needs more science to back up what he's saying.

I was thinking of this as a back-up story idea. I definitely feel it could've been reported out better with more depth as to what's to come. The ending illuminates on what citizens should do to bring about change, so that's enlightening. However, citizens need to be prepared for what is already too late to change. People have no control over hurricanes and natural disasters. Global warming has already reached a point where that is inevitable. So why not talk a little more about that?

But climate change is real. It's happening. And Lakoff is effective at pointing at that reality.