Green sweeps over one state at at time / by Yessenia Funes

The day has finally come. The day where one doesn't have to smoke a joint in secret. Where a gram of cannabis won't get you sent to jail. Colorado and Washington legalized the recreational use of cannabis Nov. 6.

It was a day to rejoice. I'm an open cannabis supporter. The War on Drugs is pointless. People are still smoking pot and getting high. Why not profit off it instead of fighting it? People don't die from smoking weed.

High Times Editor-in-Chief, Chris Simunek, summarized this moment beautifully in a note the following day. While it's more of a column than an article, it was still an interesting read. And it pertained to what's caught my interest recently.

While he touches on Hurricane Sandy because the February 2013 issue of High Times features Hydro Report, he jumps into the "miraculous" events of Nov. 6. This is a huge step for those in support of cannabis. It's a huge step for America as a whole.

For those of you thinking, "Not another college student supporting drugs," here's a few facts I scavenged for you guys. Read this, and your mind will open.

Besides the fact that cannabis has a ton of medicinal purposes — relieves nausea, anxiety, depression and makes you super hungry (a plus for cancer patients). But as long as people have a negative perception of it, the hemp industry delays sprouting in the United States. Hemp is an awesome substitute for trees. While it's a sister plant to cannabis, it has a low percentage of THC (what gets you high). Hemp can't even get anyone high. Maybe an amateur.

Joking! Its THC percentage is too low to get a person high. Just check out these myths busted if you don't believe me.

In conclusion, I am a fan of Simunek's regard for those who've worked to see this happen and those still fighting. I enjoyed how he incorported the Hydro Report into Hurricane Sandy. But my favorite part was, "But stop the presses!"

If you don't find me in New York after graduation, I just might be in Colorado. Or writing for High Times. Ha!