Rich stoners unite: High Times is selling shares / by Yessenia Funes

Today's one of those days I wish I were a millionaire. And those days are rare. (I'm not into elitist, superficial, I'm-better-than-you-because-I'm-a-baller culture.) High Times former editor and shareholder Steven Hager will auction two to four shares Oct. 11 through eBay. Individuals also can contact him directly. Each share will cost a quarter million dollars. Yup. You heard correctly. $250Gs. Maybe I should purchase my first lottery ticket today. Hmm…

Hager advertises the shares on his blog and Twitter page. He tweeted a photo of a stock certificate, inviting his followers to contact him. He tells prospective shareholders how the value of these shares will grow with time.

I agree. Cannabis legalization is (slowly but surely) blanketing the United States. Once the federal government quits effing around and accepts America and Mary Jane's union, these shares should surpass their current $250,000 price. Then again, I'm no economist.

High Times is owned privately by Trans-High Corporation (THC ... get it?) and has first right of refusal to prospective purchasers. In other words, if High Times doesn't want someone in its "Pot Illuminati," as Hager words it, that person ain't in.

Magazines focused on changing the world politically must be cautious who has financial say. High Times' political stance? Make pot mainstream. If someone is against cannabis legalization, why not invest in High Times and ensure the magazine doesn't publish politically influencing articles?

ING, a financial institution, says on its website that shareholders are interested in having a say in decision-making. For High Times, shareholders would make decisions during their annual meeting. These shareholders must be innovative and on their toes if they hope to make cannabis mainstream.

Kudos to you, High Times. Too many times magazines look only toward the green, gluttonous devil that is money and forget about their missions.

I am interested in who ends up purchasing these shares, though. Hager tweeted that his sister may purchase a share. She must be ballin'.

Who else is a wealthy cannabis enthusiast? I guess we'll find out soon enough.