When will this world see peace? / by Yessenia Funes

There's nothing that breaks my heart more than innocent people dying. And most days, I'm ashamed to declare myself an American. That's why I usually add the Latin in front. Makes me feel a little better. Why? For one, according to Robert Wright's article, America is guilty of killing more than 2,000 militants and civilians since 2001 due to its drone program.

Drones. Just the sound of that word sends shivers up and down my spine. I admire this journalist because drones aren't the topic of most news stories. Very few choose to report about controversial topics such as drones. But this needs to be discussed.

As Wright wrote, "What's wrong with this opaqueness? For starters, you'd think that in a democracy the people would be entitled to know how exactly their tax dollars are being used to kill people — especially people in countries we're not at war with." The CIA and American government doesn't admit to this activity. It's something kept in the dark. However, I'm getting tired of this "opaqueness," as Wright describes it.

Too many people in other countries are being slain by American tax dollars. Too many innocent people — children, women, men — are dying because they're at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes, this can be their community. One can read more here locations where drone strikes happen. And the amount of people killed with it.

One thing I do not agree with in the article is Wright's mentioning of God. I respect his belief, but I feel religion and reporting have different homes. God shouldn't be mentioned in articles. Though I do agree with the point he is trying to make, I don't agree with the way he went about it:

Every month, God knows how many people are killed in the name of the US in any of several countries, and God knows how many of these people were actually militants, or how many of the actual militants were actual threats to the US, or how much hatred the strikes are generating or how much of that hatred will eventually morph into anti-American terrorism.

However, I do love Wright's voice throughout this piece. He's not afraid. He's angry. A reader can sense his emotion and anger through his words. The last two words, though simple, are indeed strong. "That's scandalous."

What is? That the CIA is being militarized. Our country is headed in a dark direction, making decisions without thinking of the consequences. Wright addresses all that in this short, to-the-point piece. How would Americans like being droned? What would happen then? It would surely be a different story. Why? Because we're America.

But things shouldn't be that way.

We are all people. We are all children of the Earth. We all deserve a chance to live. To succeed. And it breaks my heart each and everyday when I learn about these atrocities. I give much respect to any journalist who isn't afraid to address this malignancies.

I share his or her anger.

I share his or her passion.