It all started when...

I became unemployed. I played an important role at my previous job. No one else was reporting on race, the environment and climate change daily. No one. People would report on it every now and then, but no one was devoted exclusively to covering environmental and climate justice on a daily basis.

Again, I played an important role.

So I decided: Why not do it for myself? People still need to stay up to date on how the various happenings of the day impact people of color. Every climate and environmental policy disproportionately impacts people of color and low-income communities. Every single one of them. This is a fact, not some snowflake, liberal opinion. Science still exists, man. (Even if the president likes to ignore it.)

Anyway, this is where La Calentura comes in. It translates to The Fever in Spanish but, more broadly, The Heat. Temperatures are rising—and they don't appear to be slowing down. We need to know how these rising temperatures, irresponsible government policies, natural disasters, public infrastructure and a whole load of other shit are impacting our fellow people of color.

I'm talking about Latinxs, Black Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, Palestinian Americans, Arab Americans, Caribbean Americans, Desis. All the Americans who don't get enough coverage in the whitewashed news that dominates the airwaves these days.

I'll try to write a post a day on something major that went down or on something I read that you all need to read. Or on anything, really, that relates to the intersection of race, the environment and climate change. Then, every #FuegoFriday, I'll compile the week's news together to give you a quick digest of the shit storm that is environmental news.

Welcome to La Calentura.

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