Flint Church Gives Back to Houston Following Disaster / by Yessenia Funes

The city of Flint, Michigan, has seen environmental catastrophe up close and personal. Climate change wasn't behind its disaster, but poor planning and irresponsible leadership were (something Houston also knows well).

The predominantly Black city of Flint saw its crisis unfold in 2015 when news broke that lead was leaching from the pipes and into people's water. Photos of brown tap water went viral. Widespread reports began pouring out about children whose blood lead levels were dangerously high. In those moments, the city received mad love from outsiders—some Houston-area organizations included.

Now, at least one group is giving back, reports local news site WNEM.

The New Covenant Life Church is teaming up with the Prince of Peace Baptist Church and others to coordinate a relief effort for Houston. Pastor Ke'Lan Foard of The New Covenant Life Church wants to send water cleaning, supplies and clothes down to the Gulf Coast.

"Just kind of being a part of what's happening here with the crisis in Flint is really just a crisis to another crisis," Foard told WNEM. "And so with people coming from across the country to really help us, support us and aid us, I feel like it's a good idea to kind of generate some support, especially from Flint to kind of give back to Houston: showing our support, showing our love, showing our dedication to the city."

And Houston needs it. Hurricane Harvey has left the Texas city in a state of peril. Just this morning, a chemical plant exploded twice, sending 15 deputies to the hospital after breathing the dangerous fumes. And the company, Arkema Group, is expecting more explosions. This is what people feared when the storm headed straight for the state's industrial zone. So far, the death toll is at least 38 (none related to the explosion). The New York Times gave a chilling account of a 3-year-old that barely made it out alive, clinging to her dead mother in the waters.

These Flint organizations are taking donations at the Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Flint if you want to contribute.