#FuegoFriday: Rescue Calls, Heatwaves + Native Solar Plants / by Yessenia Funes


This week in La Calentura...

Where Houston's distressed live

During Hurricane Harvey, families posted to social media that they were stranded on roofs and in need of rescue. Their 911 calls went unanswered; they had nowhere else to turn. If they were lucky, their photos would go viral and result in help. A data dive by BuzzFeed News discovered that these requests concentrated in three ZIP codes: 77044, 77049 and 77078. Unsurprisingly, these hoods are home to mostly Black and Latinx people with low incomes.

California sees extreme heatwave

    Bennilover  / Flickr


Bennilover / Flickr

California is seeing its temperatures reach as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking records in some parts. Its power grid managers are asking residents to take it easy with their electricity. (They mean their AC.) However, not everyone owns an air conditioner, which poses its own problems. But then there's what heat does to the air outside. For residents surrounded by dirty air, the heat can exacerbate already high rates of pollution, particularly in urban centers. 

Navajo Nation begins solar production

    Harshil Shah  / Flickr   


Harshil Shah / Flickr


The Navajo Nation has begun producing solar energy on its lands. The Kayenta Solar Facility is getting it poppin', reports the Associated Press. This is a major step forward for the tribe because its coal generating station, a major employer and economy driver, is set to close. The Navajo are still figuring out what comes after the plant's lease extension ends. The new solar energy can power 13,000 Navajo homes.