#FuegoFriday: Pipeline Battles, Paris Agreement + Hurricane Maria / by Yessenia Funes


 ~ I first off want to apologize for not posting at all this week, especially given Hurricane Maria and the damage it's done to the Caribbean. I don't want to make excuses, but I've been crazy busy with traveling and meetings. Still, I wanted to make sure I put out a #FuegoFriday today to give y'all La Calentura's take on this week's happenings. Much love, and I promise to be back on it next week. ~

This week in La Calentura ...

Ohio asks Energy Transfer Partners for mula

Stephen Wolfe  / Flickr

Stephen Wolfe / Flickr

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is pissed at Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). On Wednesday (Sept. 20), the EPA asked state Attorney General Mike DeWine to take action for the $2.3 million in fines ETP's accrued related to the 710-mile long natural gas Rover Pipeline, reports The Columbus Dispatch. ETP is the same company that attempted to sabotage the indigenous-led movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Ugh. 

No justice in latest Paris Accord discussions

Gadjo_Niglo  / Flickr

Gadjo_Niglo / Flickr

The president is rethinking his stance on the Paris Agreement. Cool, right? Eh, not really. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson clarified that the U.S. might stay if it could renegotiate terms. But that's not really an option. After all, it took years to finalize what's already in the agreement. Trump has been clear he's not for the Green Climate Fund, the only portion of the agreement really committed to climate justice. Without that, there's no justice. Period.

Hurricane Maria terrorizes the Caribbean

Since I found out Hurricane Maria was set to hit Puerto Rico, all I've been thinking about is its coal ash dumps. As The New Republic reports, the island already faces environmental degradation. Now, it must deal with the hurricane's damage on top of that. I can't find reports on how much coal ash has been blown into neighboring communities. But I'm watching Guayama: A pile of coal ash sat right next door. A video showed immense flooding and winds.