#FuegoFriday: EPA Environmental Justice Office, #StopETP + Flint / by Yessenia Funes


This week in La Calentura...

Dismantling the EPA's Environmental Justice Office 

    Lorie Shaull  / Flickr


Lorie Shaull / Flickr

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is taking steps against its office responsible for protecting the health of marginalized communities from environmental hazards. The EPA is merging its Environmental Justice Office with its Office of Policy. The agency says this will elevate environmental justice priorities while speeding up permit approvals, but critics say this will give Pruitt oversight on the office. Sounds fishy.

Protesting the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

    Joe Brusky  / Flickr


Joe Brusky / Flickr

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) is responsible for lots. Let's see, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline and the Comanche Trail Pipeline. It's also responsible for spying on the water protectors that protested DAPL in North Dakota. So ETP opponents are outside it headquarters today in Dallas with a simple message: #StopETP. Protestors include indigenous and environmental justice groups.

City of Flint replaces 2,800 water lines

    George Thomas  / Flickr


George Thomas / Flickr

The city that poisoned its residents through lead-tainted water is making sure its crumbling pipes don't leach any more lead. The city's replaced more than 2,800 homes as part of the city's FAST Start Initiative. This initiative is aiming to put new water pipes in 6,000 homes this year as part of its fourth phase. Phase three saw nearly 900 pipes replaced. State and federal funding have made this possible—through more than $170 million.