Death in Water / by Yessenia Funes

The rains, they roar and pour yet they do not wake
The dormant politicians that sit and fake
Emotional distress
Phony feelings of concern
But these so-called leaders do not confess
How they are complicit in the southern floods
Because, c'mon, what have they done to prevent this death and loss?

Have they helped transition to renewable energy?
Stopped the toxic sludge from spewing into Black and Brown communities? 
Do they believe that climate change is real?
Do they acknowledge the already-palpable worry and fear?

While climate change feels like some distant future for some
For many, it's here and it's hungry for blood
The rains won't stop and the water won't recede
Next year, they'll be back with more lust and greed

So how will we be prepared next time?
You know, better than this time?

The crisis is urgent
And requires response
Not with a wallet
But with a heart