Another Day / by Yessenia Funes

A day just like any other.
Purple lilacs glow;
It's summer.

It's dinner time.
Hunger asks for a bite.
As soon as the red beans smack the tortilla,
She's struck with a terrible fright!

It's a day like no other,
But her mind can't stop racing.
"What shall I do? Where shall I go?
Will he stay? What do I know?"

The terror hurts her ill, fragile heart. I
t's silly, she knows.
After all, it's a day like no other.
No different than the rest.
A good day actually,
But she can't put her mind to rest.

She's leaning on the kitchen island
And hears a sizzle on the stove.
The quesadilla is burning,
But her heart's still cold.

A day like any other,
Better, in fact.
A day like no other
With her insecurities still intact.

- ylf -