Breathless / by Yessenia Funes

So warm
Are your hands,
So tender
Your kisses.
You amaze me with your character,
So hardworking and busy.

I hate it when you leave,
But I love that goodbye kiss.
I can barely breathe
Once I feel your lips.

That hair,
Those eyes,
The sweet smile that tells no lies.
Will you lie with me tonight
And make everything feel all right?

I don’t wanna’ think about leaving
Your pokes,
Your squeezes,
Your being.
They’ve given me joy And happiness I can’t avoid.

But once I leave,
My heart will be a void,
A void full of thoughts.
And desperate “I miss yous”
Will float in the dark.

Lonely nights
While we’re 3,000 miles apart.
Keep in touch,
No farewells.

You’ve left your mark,
And forever it’ll stay there.