My Dear Valentine by Yessenia Funes

Purple hearts and chocolate-covered berries
Thoughts of love and all those who are merry
It's Valentine's Day —
A day of friendship, appreciation, amor

But also a day when she misses him even more

It's over; it's done
This she knows for sure
But he said, "For now..."
What about when he returns?

Yet her email is empty
And so remains her heart
She knows this day is about more than just romance
But that part of her life has fallen apart

"Happy Valentine's Day," she whispers
Into her wet pillow
But he'll never hear her
He's gone —
Like a bird out the window

- ylf -

A Dying Flame by Yessenia Funes

You wait, and you hope,
And you sit around and mope.
You sit, and you cry.
You ask yourself, “Why?”

Why did he leave without a trace?
Why do I still miss his stupid fucking face?

Time’s supposed to help,
But so far it’s just made you numb,
Numb and dumb and a pathetic fucking bum.

You no longer dream of love.
You’ve lost the fire.
Your heart’s a mess.

You have just one desire:
You want him back.
You want his love—

Or at least an explanation
For what he’s done.

- ylf -

A Land Far Away by Yessenia Funes

Bombs drop above their heads.
People panic.
Will it end?

Most don’t wait to see.
Instead, they run far
To the land of hopes and dreams,
A land of safety,
And a land of hidden poverty.

As ugly as it may be,
This land holds opportunity
For the world’s poor,
The world’s sick,
Even for those like you and me.

“Life is hard here too,”
My mother always says.
“But at least there’s a roof above our heads."

No decapitated bodies on the streets here.
No parents sending away children out of fear.

It’s the land of the free
And the home of the brave,
A land of division
And a land that pervades.

You see,
This land is guilty.
It has blood on its hands.

With its neoliberal gimmicks
And capitalist ideals,
It’s impoverishing the masses
And killing the fields.

I don’t want to sound radical,
But the system is broken.
How do some live in mansions
And others out in the open?

No more bombs and no more fear.
We need a revolution. We need to persevere.

- ylf -