To Be The Flash by Yessenia Funes

I wonder if I could run so fast that I'd travel through time
I'd choose an era of lust, an era of the divine
A moment when you worshipped me
More than I ever knew
A place in time when you loved me
When my lips were all you knew

I wish I were a speedster
I'd run to you now
I'd race across the country
Through the sweet breasts of the mountains
And the salty taste of the sea

I still see you in my dreams, you know
We're together there
But when I awake, I'm reminded
Of our love that disappeared
I can't escape reality,
No matter how quickly I move my legs

Nobody has touched me like you
Since that last night we stayed in
Making love in a beach-side cabin
Warm and heartbroken

No moving or thrusting
Can echo the sound of the ocean
Laughing at our silly games of love
The sound of you and me, moaning to the stars above

No one has filled that void between my thighs
The heavy breathing and sighs
That lie within me, awaiting you
The low hum of vibrations keep me from begging you
To serve me a sip of water from your fountain
Of memories and tragedies

Maybe it's best I can't run fast
Because a sprint to you just wouldn't last
My heart would fail from the scars of our past
A steady fleeting pumping—

And then I crash

Death in Water by Yessenia Funes

The rains, they roar and pour yet they do not wake
The dormant politicians that sit and fake
Emotional distress
Phony feelings of concern
But these so-called leaders do not confess
How they are complicit in the southern floods
Because, c'mon, what have they done to prevent this death and loss?

Have they helped transition to renewable energy?
Stopped the toxic sludge from spewing into Black and Brown communities? 
Do they believe that climate change is real?
Do they acknowledge the already-palpable worry and fear?

While climate change feels like some distant future for some
For many, it's here and it's hungry for blood
The rains won't stop and the water won't recede
Next year, they'll be back with more lust and greed

So how will we be prepared next time?
You know, better than this time?

The crisis is urgent
And requires response
Not with a wallet
But with a heart

Best Friends by Yessenia Funes

Two best friends, they ran away
They packed a bag and a bottle for the baby
Archer, Fufu and Senia went on their way
To the land where nothing stays
Nothing bad, that is, for all that's good lives always

They ran away and skipped right into a heap of hay
Crisp burnt leaves and tan lines galore,
They never once felt sad anymore
Because they had one another in all their stink
Hairy legs, gassy bottoms and dirt-covered feet

Free at last, those wild things
They stayed forever in paradise
Whole and complete

- ylf -